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Monterey Car Week has always been a hotbed of automotive excitement, and this year, Acura took the spotlight on August 17, 2023, with an electrifying unveiling and private dinner at Carmel Valley Ranch.

The buzz surrounding the event was palpable, as auto industry leaders and members of the press gathered to witness the grand reveal of Acura’s latest marvels – the groundbreaking all-electric 2024 Acura ZDX and ZDX Type S (that boasts 500-horsepower – making it the most powerful Acura SUV ever). The atmosphere was charged with anticipation as the stage was set for the enthralling global debut of these sleek and innovative vehicles. Throughout the week, Acura was also showcased at both The Quail and on the Concept Lawn at Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

Acura All-Electric 2024 ZDX and ZDX Type S Global Debut at Monterey Car Week

“The arrival of the new ZDX is an exciting moment for the Acura brand,” said Emile Korkor, Assistant Vice President of Acura National Sales. “It signals our transition to a zero-emissions future and demonstrates our commitment to Precision Crafted Performance in the electrified era.”

Acura All-Electric 2024 ZDX and ZDX Type S Global Debut at Monterey Car Week

Emile enthusiastically shared, “As we look to the future, we understand that customer expectations are changing. We live in a digital world and we need to evolve to meet expectations. So as we navigate to this exciting transition into the EV era, we must recognize that changes are not merely inevitable. It’s an opportunity for us to redefine our industry to set new standards and really leave a lasting legacy in the market. This is why we developed a new omnichannel digital sales experience in partnership with our dealer network for the new ZDX. Our desire is that the experience we deliver will be simple, stress-free, and easy to use, and we want that stress-free experience to continue out on the road.

So, we recently announced the joint venture with six other major automakers to create a high-speed brand-neutral charging network that will provide the best-in-class EV customer experience in the US and in Canada. The first charging stations will open in 2024.

Let’s take a look at how we’ll begin our electrified future, a future that will continue to put the driver experience first, and a future packed with even more emotional design and unyielding commitment to performance.”

Acura All-Electric 2024 ZDX and ZDX Type S Global Debut at Monterey Car Week

In addition to seeing the first all-electric SUV from Acura, I was also fortunate enough to tap into the creative minds behind these awe-inspiring designs, Dave Marek and Andrew Foster, Acura’s head designers. In addition to speaking with Dave and Andrew about their design process and inspiration, I also asked them to share their words of wisdom, since they have both had such successful careers in this field.

Acura Lead Designers Dave Marek and Andrew Foster

Interview with Dave Marek, Acura Executive Creative Director

CLP: Your role as ACURA Executive Creative Director is a testament to your passion. Can you share a pivotal moment when you realized that your journey in automotive design was destined to be a lifelong creative pursuit?

DM: “It was around the age of 3 or 4 I recall chasing a Corvette that was leaving Obexer’s Market in Lake Tahoe. From that moment on, I hit the ground running, drawing my cousin’s cars that he owned as performance art around the age of 5 years old. Not sure I ever realized it, but it just happened organically.”

Acura All-Electric 2024 ZDX and ZDX Type S Global Debut at Monterey Car Week

CLP: Design is a language that speaks to the soul. Could you recount an instance where a design detail or element you envisioned breathed life into a vehicle, evoking an unexpected and powerful emotional response?

DM: “During the development process of the second-generation Acura NSX, we made the decision to turn the engine 90 degrees. This created a more powerful stance and presence due to extending the wheelbase, enlarging the side intakes, and flying buttress.”

Acura All-Electric 2024 ZDX and ZDX Type S Global Debut at Monterey Car Week

CLP: Beyond aesthetics, design influences how we experience a vehicle. Can you describe the satisfaction you feel when you see an ACURA on the road, knowing that your creative touch has enhanced someone’s journey?

DM: “Acura designers work on future designs years before they make it to production. When they finally see one of their models on the road, it’s a feeling of pride and satisfaction like nothing else. We truly have a great and passionate design team.”

Acura All-Electric 2024 ZDX and ZDX Type S Global Debut at Monterey Car Week

CLP: Your career is a blueprint for those aspiring to make their mark in the automotive world. What advice would you offer young designers and creatives who dream of shaping the future of vehicles with the same fervor and dedication that you have?

DM: “Always search for the “next next,” and be passionate enough to speak up and take a risk. We have a philosophy at Honda, “Respect for the individual,” which means everyone has a voice, and allegedly I have used mine quite a bit. My advice to future transportation designers is to design all the time, whether it’s a digital rendering, a napkin sketch, or a whiteboard with dry-erase markers. Ultimately, I find that I draw in my head on my commute to the Acura Design studio in Los Angeles, and by the time I get there, I can skip the sketch portion and head straight into 3D. But if you love cars and you have a talent to portray them, then heed the advice of my father and do something you are destined to do. I have always found that throughout my life, I expected to do other things, but as I circled back, everyone I grew up with knew from the start that I would be drawing cars. Finally, let racing be a guide to persevere and create a visceral emotion that helps to fuel your life’s goals.”

Acura All-Electric 2024 ZDX and ZDX Type S Global Debut at Monterey Car Week

Interview with Andrew Foster, Acura ZDX Exterior Design Leader

CLP: As a creative leader, nurturing a design team’s potential is essential. How do you foster (pun intended) an environment that encourages your team to explore bold concepts and innovative ideas, ultimately giving birth to extraordinary ACURA designs?

AF: “Giving our Acura design team creative freedom to explore at the start of a project is important. Letting them draw on their own inspiration and interpretations during the early design process allows them to have ownership, express their creativity, and inspire other designers and projects in the studio. As ideas mature and evolve from 2D to 3D, this is where the design comes to life; balancing the overall product needs and requirements also leads to creative solutions – think ZDX versus NSX.”

CLP: The evolution of ACURA‘s designs is awe-inspiring. Can you provide insight into your creative approach to conceptualizing the design language of future ACURA vehicles and how you envision it capturing hearts?

AF: “Electric vehicle architectures and packaging will allow us to have an even bolder expression of Precision Crafted Performance. An example of that was teasing the Acura Electric Vision Design Study during Monterey Car Week. Our Acura design team is continuously investigating and imagining the future of design and how to evolve our design language.”

Acura All-Electric 2024 ZDX and ZDX Type S Global Debut at Monterey Car Week

CLP: ACURA’s DNA thrives on breakthroughs. Can you delve into an instance where your design team overcame a significant challenge, resulting in a design solution that pushed the boundaries of innovation?

AF: “As Acura transitions to electric vehicles, our global design team is evolving our design language. The design team is finding the best balance of our established design elements, such as our signature Chicane DRL and taillight combined, and creating a modern interpretation of our Diamond Pentagon Grille with lighting elements applied.”

CLP: Innovation often stems from unexpected places. Can you reveal an unconventional source of inspiration that has ignited a spark of creativity, leading to a design concept that was refreshingly original?

AF: “For the Acura Precision EV Concept that we introduced in 2022, our design team was looking at how to express “performance in an electric vehicle world” when the traditional design elements are obsolete. For example, performance elements come through with exhausts and large front grille intakes. For the fascia of the Acura Precision EV Concept, the design team pulled inspiration from many places such as sculptures and modern digital art to create the “particle glitch” detailing theme for the lower intakes at the front and rear. The design execution merged craftsmanship and technology, and the “heat sinks” for cooling. The illuminated particle glitches were also a fun touch and created a wide and powerful stance for the front of the Precision EV Concept.”

CLP: Your career exemplifies the pursuit of excellence. What advice would you offer to young designers who aspire to elevate their craft and contribute to the automotive world in a way that leaves an enduring mark, just as you have with ACURA?

AF: “Never stop learning, be creative, always ask “Why not?” Challenge yourself. The future isn’t fixed; it’s there to be created for the next generation, and Acura’s evolution to a performance EV brand is no exception.”

Acura All-Electric 2024 ZDX and ZDX Type S Global Debut at Monterey Car Week

As shared in the brand’s press announcement, “Acura will offer the ZDX A-Spec in both single-motor (rear-wheel-drive) and dual-motor (all-wheel-drive) configurations. The 2024 ZDX A-Spec is expected to start in the $60,000 range. The ZDX Type S, the most powerful and best-performing Acura SUV ever, will feature a performance-tuned dual-motor AWD powertrain and is expected to start in the $70,000 range. All Acura ZDX sales will take place through a new, omni-channel digital sales process, ensuring a simple and intuitive shopping experience from home or at an Acura dealership. Pre-sale activities for ZDX will start later this year, with the first client deliveries slated for early 2024. Interested clients are encouraged to sign up online for early access to new information and details on reserving a new Acura ZDX from their selected dealer.”

Acura’s bold step into the era of all-electric vehicles is evident in these innovative offerings, showcasing cutting-edge design and technological advancements. The Acura ZDX and ZDX Type S are poised to redefine the driving experience, boasting exhilarating performance, a remarkable range, and rapid charging capabilities that cater to modern lifestyles. With striking design elements that capture Acura’s signature style, combined with the dynamic capabilities of electric powertrains, these vehicles promise an exciting and sustainable journey on the road.

Acura All-Electric 2024 ZDX and ZDX Type S Global Debut at Monterey Car Week

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing empowering advice and insightful ideas from other incredible car designers and successful executives who are leading the auto industry. Stay connected on MSN or subscribe to Inspirations & Celebrations for access to in-depth interviews and stories that will motivate, empower, and inspire you.


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