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Gaming is currently one of the main pillars of internet culture, especially considering that we’re in the midst of the digital era. Our increasing reliance on the internet and digital connectivity is more evident now than ever before – especially considering that most of us are walking around with a smartphone in our pockets that has fast become an extension of ourselves. 

With all this in mind, it’s important to consider the intricate role that mobile gaming plays in modern culture, especially if you’re a brand or marketer, as you can apply this information where possible in upcoming promotions. 

Mobile gaming is at the forefront of TikTok’s latest report. The whitepaper was created in partnership with the National Research Group (NRG), and it takes a deep dive into the evolving industry of mobile gaming and how marketers can leverage TikTok for game promotions and advertising. 

In this article, we’ll be breaking down the key takeaways from the report. 

A Breakdown Of TikTok’s Report “A New Era Of Mobile Gaming”

Who Conducted The Report?

You’re probably well aware of what TikTok is. That is unless you’ve been living under a rock. 

TikTok is a leading social media network where short-form video content reigns supreme. Their mission is to inspire creativity and connectivity. The company is headquartered in Singapore and Los Angeles, as well as having offices all over the world, some of which include Berlin, Paris, Dubai, New York, Seoul, Jakarta, London, and Tokyo.  

National Research Group is a global firm that focuses on studying and sharing insights and strategic planning for the technology and entertainment industries. According to NRG, the world’s leading marketing experts use their findings to optimize campaign efforts, specifically research into growth and strategy for device adaptive content.   


The data included in the report has been collated in a variety of ways and from different sources. 

On one hand, NRG used its proprietary “Franchise IQ” tracker to collate key data that would help them better understand the priorities and needs of mobile gamers. The tracker’s data was collated from 700 plus franchises, with consumers between the ages of 18 to 64 from nine different countries, spanning over the course of four years. 

Further data was also sourced from third-party marketing reports undertaken by Data.ai. However, both TikTok and NRG state in their joint whitepaper that the use of third-party data in their report does not equal an endorsement of any kind.

Lastly, TikTok and NRG conducted interviews with industry experts from My Games and Pocket Gems to help provide industry insider insights. 

A Breakdown Of TikTok's Report "A New Era Of Mobile Gaming"A Breakdown Of TikTok's Report "A New Era Of Mobile Gaming"

Key Takeaways:

Mobile device gaming accounts for over half of the overall global gaming spend. This industry is predicted to reach over two billion active players by 2024, ultimately meaning that one in four humans on Earth will be mobile gamers by the end of the year. 

TikTok and NRG collaborated on this report to better understand the demographic of mobile gamers to facilitate key metrics and tips about the industry with an emphasis on what mobile gamers are looking for or want to see in the future.  

Two out of every three mobile gamers are classified as “Modern Gamers”, which means that they spend a minimum of seven hours per week mobile gaming. 

Because of the amount of time that this cohort spends gaming and their level of interaction and investment in online gaming forums and communities, it should come as no surprise that the demographic is younger. However, understanding this demographic is intrinsic in predicting cross-generational and long-term gaming-related trends.

The report found that the influence of this cohort on the gaming industry stems from the following:

  1. Cultural Understanding: Modern Gamers are considered trendsetters seeing as they are five times more likely to be in the know and up-to-date on global pop culture. 
  1. Online Influence: This cohort is two times more likely to document and share their opinions on products and services with their online community. Even if they lack a large following they are still considered to have an influence due to the niche aspect of these types of communities. 
  1. Brand Loyalty: The report also found that Modern Gamers are more prone to expressing their preferences when it comes to brands, establishing a keen sense of loyalty. This is an interesting point for marketers, as it proves relationship building with this cohort is invaluable. 

A Breakdown Of TikTok's Report "A New Era Of Mobile Gaming"A Breakdown Of TikTok's Report "A New Era Of Mobile Gaming"

Strategies for engaging modern gamers:

The report “A New Era Of Mobile Gaming” found that there are three key factors that play a role in the user’s decision to play a specific game. 

It’s important to incorporate pop culture current trends into the game’s marketing efforts in order to speak to the Modern Gamers, who are 28% more likely to review and recommend a game that they deem as culturally pertinent. This data and industry sway also helps ensure that games are culturally relevant and up-to-date.

If you’re a game marketer you’ll want to establish a presence online. Especially on social media networks which is where gaming communities are more active. It’s important because the report found that over 27% of Modern Gamers will take into consideration the brand’s treatment of their audience and users before recommending the product. Thus emphasizing the importance of genuine and authentic interaction. 

Lastly, the report found that Modern Gamers are more likely to promote games that are in the midst of social conversations. This niche cohort values community interactivity and discussion.

A Breakdown Of TikTok's Report "A New Era Of Mobile Gaming"A Breakdown Of TikTok's Report "A New Era Of Mobile Gaming"

By keeping these three important points in mind, marketers will be able to effectively speak to Modern Gamers, ensuring that the games they are promoting not only catch their attention but also build on brand loyalty and community engagement. 

For brands to effectively reach this cohort they need to be abreast of popular culture and trends, especially those relevant to the gaming community. In some senses, TikTok is a great starting point. 

  • It’s the number one platform for game discovery among 18 to 24-year-olds. 
  • Over half of the Modern Gamers cohort publish game-related content to TikTok regularly. 

A Breakdown Of TikTok's Report "A New Era Of Mobile Gaming"A Breakdown Of TikTok's Report "A New Era Of Mobile Gaming"

Other Important Metrics & Advice Featured in the Report

The TikTok and NRG report also looks and present-day trends among gamers such as the average spend of users gaming on mobile devices vs. those that are playing via a PC, console, or handheld device. 

A Breakdown Of TikTok's Report "A New Era Of Mobile Gaming"A Breakdown Of TikTok's Report "A New Era Of Mobile Gaming"

There’s also a ton of data showcasing and analyzing how users interact with mobile games.

A Breakdown Of TikTok's Report "A New Era Of Mobile Gaming"A Breakdown Of TikTok's Report "A New Era Of Mobile Gaming"

As well as a detailed roadmap of how to successfully promote a product or service to this cohort.

A Breakdown Of TikTok's Report "A New Era Of Mobile Gaming"A Breakdown Of TikTok's Report "A New Era Of Mobile Gaming"

The above roadmap is applicable to pretty much all verticals, seeing as ultimately the tips highlight the importance of community building, engagement, and interaction that’s authentic and genuine. Something that can be applied across the board.

It’s definitely worth downloading and reading the report if you’re a marketer in the gaming industry as it covers the latest industry shifts as well as upcoming trends. 


As the industry begins to shift to mobile-first gaming (instead of PC and console gaming) it paves the way for new opportunities, especially for publishers or those looking to promote a product that is aimed at this niche. 

However, it also brings with it many new challenges. Evolving market conditions paired with the Modern Gamers’ elevated expectations for top-notch game quality mean that the competition for downloads and user attention is more extreme. 

To succeed in this evolving landscape marketers and publishers will need to implement full-funnel approaches that reflect the needs and wants of gaming demographics, especially taking into consideration how they discover new games and what makes them become fans.

If you’re interested in reading the full report you can download it here:


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