A Baby Name Consultant in the 1990s | by Rachel Marsh | Dec, 2023 – Jarastyle

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Might I suggest “Emily”?

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With the millennium just around the corner, your new baby is going to want to take on the next century with a strong attitude and a name that people are going to be comfortable with when they inquire about your pregnancy.

As a baby name consultant, my job is to offer professional guidance on the name of your new child. I’m excited to provide my years of expertise to help you and your partner come up with the perfect name that the rest of the world will recognize and that the DMV will always spell correctly.

When it comes to naming a child, a lot of parents get stuck in the decision-making process! After all, we live in a world with almost a dozen beautiful names to choose from.

I’m here to help you explore ALL the possibilities of your little one’s new title. There are plenty of things I can help you think about that you may not have considered: a lot of people, for example, forget that Brian could be spelled with a “Y” instead.

My services come with hours of consultation to ensure you end up with a name the hospital will know how to write on your baby’s birth certificate and that every teacher will be able to pronounce on the first try.

I will also help you explore what your top choices look like with the first initial of your last name, for all the years other kids in your child’s class have the same name.

When we meet for our sessions, I have a collection of comprehensive questions that help me get to know you better. I’ve found that when I can understand a client on a more personal level — like your ranking of the women on Mambo №5, which Lawrence brother’s name you like best, and if anyone else in your family has already taken Sarah — I’m better able to guide you through your baby naming journey.

From there, I have a variety of categories to help you narrow down your decision, categories including which spelling of “Lindsay” you most identify with and one called “Ross’s son’s name on Friends.”


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