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Love is in the air, and so is the sound of uncontrollable laughter! This Valentine’s Day, forget the cliché chocolates and roses; it’s all about who can crack their partner up with the most outrageously funny Valentine’s Day gifts. Imagine unwrapping a present only to find… well, I won’t spoil the surprise, but let’s just say it’s more giggle-inducing than romantic whispering.

Then, there are those couples who communicate their affection through the universal language of funny relationship memes. Because nothing says “I love you” quite like tagging your significant other in a meme that says, “This is us.”

So, for all the lovebirds out there who believe that a good laugh is the cornerstone of romance, we’ve rounded up 50 instances where hilarious partners used their superior sense of humor to deliver surprises and funny Valentine’s Day cards that left their mates not just smitten, but in stitches. Get ready to be inspired, amused, and maybe a little bit envious of these comedic acts of love!

1. Made A “Play Boy” Calendar For My Girlfriend For Valentine’s Day

2. Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ever

3. The Valentine’s Note I Wrote For My Students

4. Special Valentine’s Day Edition Of Very Ugly Plates

5. My Daughter Was Concerned, Because Her Classmates Don’t Know What Her Cat Looks Like. She Drew 21 Of These To Give Out At Her Kindergarten Valentine’s Day Party

6. In College I Had A Professor That Didn’t Want Anyone To Feel Left Out On Valentine’s Day, So He Passed Around A Box For Everyone To Pick Out A “Gift” To Take Home

7. Happy Valentine’s Day

8. My Mom Wrapped These Hershey’s Candies For Valentine’s Day, I Can’t Bring Myself To Eat Them

9. Gave My Husband A Sign For Valentine’s Day That Fully Embodies His Experience Gardening

10. A First-Grade Class Sent Valentine’s Day Cards To A Local Nursing Home. The Teacher Forgot To Proofread

11. So My Wife Was Mad At Me Last Week And Said Not To Bother Getting Her Flowers For Valentine’s Day. I Obeyed Her Wishes And Just Got Her Flowers Every Other Day This Week

12. What My Girlfriend Gave Me For Valentine’s Day On The Left, And What I Gave Her On The Right. We Couldn’t Stop Laughing

13. Happy Valentine’s Day To My Fellow Trash Lovers

14. Valentine’s Day Cake For My Wife

15. This Valentine’s Day Card Made By My Friend

16. Valentines? No. Bananatines

17. Someone Else Posted A “Soldier Valentine” So I Thought I Would Post Mine. Afghanistan 2013

18. Handmade Valentine’s Day Card From My Girlfriend

19. I Hope You Had A Rockin’ Valentine’s Day

20. I Have A Valentine’s Date From Tinder. She Said She Wants To Take It Slow. However, That’s Not Stopping Me From Giving Her A Dozen Roses

21. My Funny Valentine

22. This Valentine’s Day Card

23. Valentine’s Day

24. A Strange Girl I’ve Hardly Ever Talked To Handed This To Me At The Begining Of Class Today. I Was The Only Kid She Gave This To And I Don’t Know What To Think Of It

25. As If Being Deployed For Valentine’s Day Isn’t Bad Enough. Thanks, Donovan

26. My Valentine’s Gift From Last Week Has Assorted Beef Jerky Instead Of Chocolates

27. Turned My Husband’s Favorite Saying Into A Valentine’s Day Gift For Him

28. I Was Told You Might Like My Valentine’s Day Card

29. Mom Was Eager To Show Me Her Valentine’s Present From My Dad. He Thinks He’s Hilarious

30. I Made My Husband A Valentine’s Day Gift This Year. What Can I Say, I’m A Hopeless Romantic

31. This Questionable Valentine’s Day Card I Got Last Year


33. I Found This Picture In My Camera Roll Of A Shirt My Mom Made For My 1-Year-Old For Valentine’s Day

34. Made This Apple Watch Stand For My Boyfriend As A Valentine’s Day Gift

35. For The Girl Who Doesn’t Like Flowers, But Loves Pickles, I Present A Bouquet Of Pickles For Valentine’s Day

36. A Picture Of A Valentine’s Day Present My Wife Just Sent Me. Should I Be Concerned?

37. Girlfriend Got Me A Really Sweet And Geeky Gift For Valentine’s Day

38. This Scary Magikarp I Fed To My Girlfriend On Valentine’s Day. She Loved It Anyways

39. Our Valentine’s Cards This Year Kinda Compliment Each Other

40. Both Of My Childrens’ Grandmothers Bought Them The Same Valentine’s Day Cards








48. I Made My Boyfriend A Valentine’s Day Present, But I Just Feel Like It’s A Flop

49. Valentine’s Present From My Girlfriend Of My One True Love


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