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Let me tell you about the secret weapon in my relationship: my girlfriend’s incredible sense of humor. She’s the kind of person who can find the funny in any situation, keeping our lives filled with laughter and lightness.

Whether it’s her spot-on impressions or her knack for turning a regular day into an episode of a comedy show, she’s the MVP of making me laugh. Her playful pranks and witty banter not only keep me on my toes but also remind me daily that laughter is the glue in our relationship.

I’m here to raise a toast to the hilarious women out there, especially mine, who know that a day without laughter is a day wasted. Here’s to the funny ladies who brighten our lives and hearts!

1. I Made My Husband A Vasectomy Cake. It’s A Lemon Cake With Swiss Meringue Buttercream

2. Wife Sent This After Picking Up Our Dog After Surgery Today. Says He’s “Still Under The Influence”

3. Smartest Wife Ever! We Were Both Pooping On Opposite Sides Of The House. I Called Her And Asked For Toilet Paper. She Yelled For The Dog And Then Told Me To Call Him


5. I’m Pretty Sure My Girlfriend’s Favorite Hobby Is Getting My Dog To Pose Using My Computer

6. We Cannot Keep Any More Dogs, So I Told My Wife Not To Get Attached While We Foster. I’ve Been Calling Him “Inmate #003”. Today, She Bought Him This Outfit


8. Girlfriend Said It Was Therapeutic Working At The Humane Society

9. My Wife Put These Halloween Decorations Behind A Door In Our Basement, Now I Need New Underwear

10. How My Girlfriend Sleeps

11. My Wife Doesn’t Want Me Snacking Late At Night, But Here Are These Two Goons Caught Red-Handed Eating My Noodles Behind My Back

12. My Wife’s Sense Of Humor Is… Juvenile

13. My Girlfriend Left This Warning For Me On My Pillow

14. The Get-Well Basket My Wife Made Me For My Vasectomy Today

15. I Told My Fiancé I Got Him The Perfect 30th Birthday Cake. It Wasn’t What He Expected

16. My Girlfriend Made These For Work To Celebrate Halloween And They’re Seriously Freaking Me Out

17. Reminders On My Wife’s Phone


19. My Girlfriend’s Late Night Idea With The Guinea Pig

20. My Girlfriend Just FaceTimed Me From Inside The Restaurant Bathroom

21. My Wife Is A Nurse And This Is Her Lunch Box

22. Today Is Grinch Day In My Daughter’s Class At School. She’s Been Giggling Uncontrollably Since My Wife Did Her Hair

23. How My Girlfriend “Handled” A Spider, And Is Too Scared To Clean It Up

24. My Wife As Gollum

25. My Boyfriend Asked Me To Find Art To Hang Above The Toilet

26. Wife Adds Notes To My Packed Lunches. Today’s Edition

27. Left My Wife Unattended At Target And She Sent Me This

28. I Asked My Wife To Take A Picture Of Our Fence To See How Much Got Done Today. This Is The Photo I Got

29. My Wife Just Went Back To Work And Thinks I’m An Idiot

30. My Boyfriend Asked Me To Remind Him To Buy Butter. I Think I Did A Good Job

31. My Wife Showing A Grouper Fish His Own Picture

32. The Wife’s Addition To Our Automatic Cat Feeder

33. My Wife Made Dinner For A Family Tonight. After Asking If They Had Any Allergies, The Husband Said “Bees”

34. My Wife Is Looking Very Excited To Cut The Cake

35. Skimmed Through My Pregnant Wife’s Food Log Over The Past Couple Of Weeks And Can’t Stop Giggling

36. My Girlfriend Is Selling Her Car And That’s One Of The Photos She Chose For The Auction

37. My Wife And I Have Been Placing A Skeleton We Brought In Different Situations For The Other One To Find. Needless To Say, This Is My Favorite One So Far

38. My Wife Made Me This Beautiful Arrangement For Valentine’s Day

39. My Wife Had Cookies Made To Celebrate My Vasectomy

40. Moved Our Extremely Heavy King Bed Headboard For The First Time In 5 Years. Guess Which Side My Wife Sleeps On

41. Gift From My Wife. This Is Love

42. I Decided To Learn To Crochet By Making My Husband A Stocking, But I Got The Scale A Little Bit Off. But The Sheer Size Of It Has Made Us Laugh So Much That It Is Well Worth The Mistakes

43. My Wife And Her Friends Are Having A LAN Party To Play Stardew Valley

44. Asked My Wife, Mother To My Children, To Write My Name On The Bottle I Bring To The Gym

45. Picked Up A Fancy Cake For My Husband On Our Anniversary

46. I Thought This Was Funny, My Husband Did Not

47. Came Home From Work To See My Girlfriend Had Updated Our Letterboard

48. My Wife’s Childhood Attempt At Drawing The Baby Jesus

49. My Girlfriend At The Dentist

50. My Girlfriend Slipped This Under The Door While I Was In The Bathroom

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