5 child-friendly adventures in Victoria Falls Jarastyle travel

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By Kim Barnett

Think back to your favourite family holiday from childhood. Did your parents load the car with cool drinks and biltong and head out on a road trip? Did your folks prefer beaches or the bush, or perhaps the mountains?

Victoria Falls town easily rivals international holiday resorts as a great destination for children of all ages. So, check out some of the exciting family-friendly fun and adventures in Victoria Falls.

Visit Victoria Falls

5 child-friendly adventures in Victoria Falls Jarastyle travel

Picture: Suzanne Smith

The sheer majesty of Victoria Falls will provide a dinner conversation topic for your family for years to come.

The pathways at Victoria Falls on the Zimbabwean side are suitable for prams and strollers. During high water from December through June, you’ll be showered with mist that is certain to delight children of any age.

Everyone is encouraged to experience the thunderous water through the vibrations of their feet and delight in finding as many rainbows as possible at least once in their life.

A journey on the Bamba Tram

5 child-friendly adventures in Victoria Falls Jarastyle travel

Picture: Jenni Pumpe

Keeping the entire family accounted for can be a bit difficult at times with the excitement of a holiday. The Bamba Tram is a good way to keep them together for opportune family photos.

Clamber aboard the old-world style tram under the watchful guidance of the crew. The trams depart at set times from Three Monkey’s Restaurant in Victoria Falls town, and the whole experience lasts 90 minutes.

The Bamba Tram meanders through a section of the Zambezi National Park, where you might be lucky enough to see some wild animals like elephants, buffalo, or warthogs. Then, as you begin to cross the landmark feature of the Victoria Falls Bridge dividing Zimbabwe from Zambia, you will see the mighty Victoria Falls.

Passengers can disembark and read about the fascinating history of the Victoria Falls Bridge construction. You may even catch a few people bungee jumping or other families going on the tandem slide. After a stroll on the Victoria Falls Bridge, it will be time to head back to the Tram for a light refreshment and trundle back to Victoria Falls town.

Wild Horizons canopy tour

5 child-friendly adventures in Victoria Falls Jarastyle travel

We guarantee that the Wild Horizons Canopy Tour adventure will be discussed for years. You’ll have fabulous views of the Zambezi rapids, Victoria Falls Bridge, and the Falls’ spray – all as you zip above and between the trees in the Batoka Gorge below the Victoria Falls.

There are nine slides in total, with the longest one being about 85 meters. There is also a cable bridge walkway, and the entire experience takes approximately two to two and a half hours to complete. Two guides will accompany your family group, and there is no age limit to this great activity. Young children can be double-harnessed by an adult, but don’t be surprised if your 5-year-old tackles this challenge independently.

Game drives in Zambezi National Park

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Picture: Getaway Gallery

Zambezi National Park surrounds Victoria Falls town, and a game drive to search for animals is always a highlight for any African family holiday. We recommend planning a private game drive for your family if you have young children. The experienced guides love to include children in a game drive and often go the extra mile to point out fascinating things like spoor or tiny insects in the bush.

The Boma Restaurant

5 child-friendly adventures in Victoria Falls Jarastyle travel

A holiday in Victoria Falls isn’t complete without booking dinner at The Boma Dinner and Drum Show. This popular dinner experience features a plethora of dishes that even fussy eaters will be excited to dig into. More adventurous family members can try a mopane worm and get the certificate to prove it.

At the Boma, you’ll have free reign to eat as much of the grilled game meats, extensive salad bar and vats of freshly made soup in potjie pots as your tummy can manage.


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