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In today’s digital age, where every action can become an instant viral sensation, helicopter parenting has found a new battleground: the internet. Our latest article dives into the world of overbearing parents who’ve been publicly called out for their excessive hovering.

With a compilation of outrageous examples, we uncover the extremes to which some parents will go in the name of ‘protecting’ their children, often leading to embarrassing and infuriating situations. These stories, gathered from various online platforms, showcase the moments when helicopter parenting not only backfires but also gets the spotlight it rightly deserves.

Get ready for a mix of disbelief, humor, and a touch of schadenfreude as we navigate through these tales of over-the-top parental involvement.

1. Man Elegantly Destroys Helicopter Parent

2. There Is A Shooter Somewhere On Campus But My Mom Is More Concerned With Me Missing My Lab Practical

3. I Synced My Calendar With My Mum And Forgot I Have My Birth Control Implant Replacement Date Marked 3 Years From Now. She Saw It And Texted Me This While I Was At Work. I’m 20

4. I’ve Been At College For One Day. He Dropped Me Off Yesterday. It’s Orientation Week

5. Ladies And Gentlemen, My Mother After I Disabled Tracking Location App On My Phone, I Am 21 Years Old

6. Idk If This Counts As Insane, But Still An Invasion Of Privacy (For Context I Hand My Phone In To My Mum At 8:30 And That Is Why She Had It)

7. So Proud Of Myself

8. Nothing Major. She Just Wanted To Know Why I Didn’t Return Her Text That Was Sent 5 Minutes Before The First Call

9. My Mom Thinks If I Take My Dogs Outside To Pee When It’s Dark That I Will Die/Be Murdered/Abducted. 5 Mins Before Sunset I’m Perfectly Safe Though. Note To Add, I’m 25 And Have Lived 400 Miles From Home For 8 Years. Didn’t Take My Dogs Out Until 11:30 So Suck On That Mom

10. They Hid This To See What I Was Eating And Seeing If I Was Up Late. Im 19 Btw

11. My Sister’s Twitter Account…. She’s 23yo And My Mom Still Does This

12. Getting Tracked At 20 By My Antivaxx Conspiracy Theory Mom. Finally Convinced Her To Delete The Tracking App Though

13. I Need More Opinions. I’m 22 F Living On My Own And My Parents Still Want To Have Control On What I Buy. It Is Not Making Me Any More Frugal When She Yells At Me For Spending Too Much

14. I’m 18nb And My Mom Sent Me Out To Get A Table And Chairs For Her. I Was Gone For 20 Mins And Didn’t Respond To Her Calls. This Is The Result. I Have To Laugh

15. Am I Crazy Or Is This Toxic !? I Am 18 In Highschool And My Mother Threatens Not Sending Me To College If I Don’t Spend Time With Her

16. There’s A Word For Not Allowing Your Kids To Socialize Outside The Family. Starts With Letter G












28. Text That My Narcissistic Step-Dad Sent His 16 Year Old Daughter (My Sister) The Blanked Out Name Is Me. He Posted This Screenshot On Instagram Bragging About His Great “Parenting Skills”



31. Homophobic Mom Threatens To Burn My Pride Flag

32. All I (19m) Told My Mom Was That Me And My Girlfriend Were Gonna Go Look At Apartments



35. Told My Mom I Was Going To Hang Out With My 2 Female Friends…. This Is What She Says. I’m 22 And Am On My 4th Year Of College Btw (And She Tracks My Location)


37. My Mom Found Out I (18m) Was Having Sex With A Girl For Over A Year

38. Im Nearly 40yo, I Got Arrested On A Petty Misdemeanor 3 Yrs Ago, Its Gone From Record & Still Get This

39. Im Nearly 40yo, I Got Arrested On A Petty Misdemeanor 3 Yrs Ago, Its Gone From Record & Still Get This


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