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Living with smartphones glued to our hands, we’ve turned into instant paparazzi for everything, especially the wild stuff. Disasters, fails, you name it—if it’s not on Instagram, did it really even happen? We’re capturing all the moments that make us say, “Glad that’s not me!” in a heartbeat.

Welcome to the wild world of the ‘Don’t Help, Just Film’ subreddit, where helping is overrated, and filming is everything. This group’s all about capturing those laugh-out-loud moments when someone’s in a pickle, but bystanders whip out their phones to make internet gold instead of lending a hand. So, kick back and scroll through the best (or should I say worst?) moments.

1. “Let Me Just Post This On Facebook”

2. “Don’t Bother Turning It Off”

3. “He Looks Like He Deserved It Though”


5. “It’s On My Leg!!!!!!!!”

6. “Back When My Little Brother Got Stuck In The Toilet. Still Hanging On The Wall”

7. “Do Something Hooman?”

8. “Smiling On The Outside, Struggling On The Inside”

9. “So My Mom Was So Tired She Fell Asleep On The Dog Bed While Petting The Dog. Our Dog Jak Decided That Mom’s Face Was Perfect For His Butt To Lay On. His Farts Tend To Be The Worst While He Naps. My Poor Mother”

10. “Frog Confuses Christmas Light With Firefly And Illuminates Himself From Inside”

11. “The Chosen One”

12. “In The 70’s My Parents Thought It Was A Better Idea To Take A Photo Than Help Me”

13. “Please Help Grandma. She’s Trying Her Best”

14. “Shortly After My First Christmas, When I’d Figured Out How To Scoot Backward (But Not Forward)…”

15. “Sheep Charging Fisherman, Pushed Into The Water”

16. “He Could Have Picked Anywhere Else To Sit”

17. “This Kid Can’t Eat”

18. “Cat Gets Stuck, Hooman Gets Camera”

19. “This Is Fine. I’m Fine”

20. “Poor Guy”

21. “Puppy Fighting For His Bed Back”

22. “Ball In The Ice”

23. “Up Up And Away”

24. “When I Was A Kid A Big Plastic Easel Fell On Me And Mom Decided To Document”

25. “Pick Him Up”

26. “Let’s Pray For Poor Kyle Tonight”

27. “You Should Have Stopped Him!!!”

28. “Poor Cat Just Wanted To Have A Nap”

29. “It’s All Fun And Games Until Kitty Heads Begin To Roll”

30. “Every Man For Themselves”

31. “When Your Home Cat Thinks It’s A Top Predator With Ninja Skills”

32. “How Are You Doing Today, Sir?”

33. “My Neighbor Left His Thunderbird Outside With The Top Down. It’s Pouring”

34. “Cat ‘Trapped’ Inside The Litter Box”

35. “What’s Baking Soda”

36. “Cat Messing With The Drying Rack”

37. “Possibly The Best Feet You’ll See All Day”

38. “casually Sits There And Films”

39. “British Kids Can Be Little Jerks”

40. “My Man Flexed Too Hard”

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