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We all will experience a bad day at some point in our lives.

As much as it sucks, it makes you appreciate the good days more. Just be glad today it wasn’t your turn

Funny fails are only hilarious with a little perspective…

1. “Came out on my break to this.”

2. ‘My dad says, “Google is doing this stupid thing where the blur the top left part of the results. Facebook is doing it too actually.” He melted the top left corner of his screen.”

3. “Landscapers trimmed my plastic plant.”


4. “Just had Satan’s moustache crawl across my face when I was trying to go to sleep. My skin is crawling.”


5. “Gold2 Wellthatsbeyondrepair Spit-take Table Slap3 Table Flip Rocket Like62 This is 2020 Helpful48 Wholesome62 Silver50 Evil Cackle Yummy Heartwarming Betrayal Hugz49 Facepalm All-Seeing Upvote Wholesome Seal of Approval Turned my back for a minute and she peed in 20 cups of uncooked rice…’

6. “My graduation photo”


7. “Showed my friend my new backpack and she said ‘come on, you are an adult.’”


8. “I appreciate your drunken late night attempt to clean, random party guest, but wooden cutting boards DO NOT go in the dishwasher”


9. “First overseas flight in 9 years! Paid extra for a window seat so I can see everything”


10. “Stuck in a parking space because my brother in-law set his Tesla do a software update at 10:30 pm.”


11. “Accidentally left the garage open for 1 hour. They’re everywhere.”


12. “A neighbour was house sitting for my cat while I was away. She has a dog. I told her the dog wasn’t allowed in my house. I come back to about 30 cat pouches looking like this – “your cat did it I couldn’t stop her”. My cat is 14 and has no teeth.”


13. “My wife’s first trip on a plane and this was the view out her window.”


14. “After 3 flat tires, we finally decided to investigate the gravel and grass near the driveway for nails…”


15. “I found this lil’ guy chillin on my bed this morning”


16. “Broke my finger at work, got fired after the drug test. All at the end of a 12 hour night shift”


17. “And that was our dinner.”



19. “Used ramps to change oil for the first time… while backing up, the ramps slid/shot out and hit the 5qt used oil container and painted my garage a new color.”

20. “I hope the rest of his day goes well”

21. “My car broke 5 minutes to early. I was on my way to buy a new one. Had to be picked up.”

22. “Installing a metal roof flawlessly.”


23. “The ATM took my card then just shut down”


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