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So many hairs, so many possibilities.

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  1. Put them in a scrapbook.
  2. Glue them to your eyelids to make DIY fake lashes.
  3. Build a straw house for an ant.
  4. Carry them in a pouch and tell everyone they’re magic beans.
  5. Put them under your pillow and wait for someone to replace them with money.
  6. Hide them around your neighborhood and organize a scavenger hunt.
  7. Decorate a picture frame.
  8. Tape them to the very tips of your fingers so you can tickle your enemies with a vengeance.
  9. Put them inside of a snow globe.
  10. Mix them with your favorite facial cleanser to add a gentle exfoliating element.
  11. Toss them in the air while hiking so you can tell which way the wind is blowing.
  12. Dip them in batter and deep-fry them.
  13. Put them in the recycling bin.
  14. Freeze them so scientists can clone you in a million years.
  15. Place them in the palm of your hand and blow them in the face of someone you find attractive to show that you’re interested.
  16. Make a mustache for a hamster.
  17. Put them inside of a locket and give it to your partner on your anniversary.
  18. Donate them to the Smithsonian.
  19. Place them in a cup, add water, and set the cup outside to see if anything grows.
  20. Don’t pluck them so you’ll look much cooler as you stroke your chin and ponder the nature of existence.

Rebecca Harris thinks about writing more than she actually writes, but she’s trying to change that. When she’s not thinking about writing, she watches baking competitions and thinks about baking.

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