20 Dick Pics That Will Not Work. Thinking of sending a surprise dick pic… | by Jane Roper | Jan, 2024 – Jarastyle

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Thinking of sending a surprise dick pic to that special someone? Be sure to read this first!

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Photo by Kampus Productions on Pexels. Cropped by author.

Thinking of sending a surprise dick pic to that special someone, in hopes of getting her all hot and bothered? Great idea! But heads up (ha ha): according to our female sources, there are certain types of dick pics that could turn her off instead of turning her on. So, before you hit send, take a look at our list of 20 dick pics that definitely will not work!

1. Blurry dick pics

2. Backlit dick pics

3. Dick pics where your thumb is covering part of the lens

4. Dick pics where you use the sepia filter for a fun “old-timey” look

5. Black and white dick pics with dramatic chiaroscuro lighting

6. Dick pics immediately preceded by a text that says, “hope you consent to this!”

7. Dick pics immediately followed by a text that says, “Bwah ha ha!” or “Vini, vidi, peni!”

8. Dick pics you send when she has her notifications turned off and then opt to “Notify Anyway”

9. Dick pics sent ironically, as a commentary on dick pics

10. Twelve days of dick pics for Christmas

11. Eight nights of dick pics for Hanukkah

12. “He is risen!” dick pics for Easter

13. Dick pics where you’ve dressed your dick in a leather helmet, aviator glasses, and a little white scarf

14. Dick pics where you’ve dressed your dick as a Venetian gondolier

15. Dick pics where the main picture is a beautiful charcuterie board you’ve put together, but there’s your dick sort of creeping in from the side

16. Erect dick pics

17. Flaccid dick pics

18. Dangly dick pics

19. Any picture of your dick

20. Literally absolutely any picture of your dick at all


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