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Before you get ready to wrap up and jet off, take the chance to level up your luggage game first with these helpful hacks that’ll make your travels a breeze!

Use packing cubes and compression bags!

Use packing cubes or compression bags to organise and compress your clothes. This not only saves space in your bag, but also keeps your items neatly separated within your luggage. We love Thule’s compression cubes, which make packing your wardrobe a walk in the park.

Roll instead of fold

Rolling clothes instead of folding them can save space and prevent wrinkles. It’s a popular packing technique that optimises the use of your luggage space.

Layer up fragile goods 

Protect fragile items by wrapping them in clothing layers. For example, place delicate souvenirs or breakable items within clothing items like sweaters or T-shirts for added protection.

Luggage tracking devices

Consider using luggage tracking devices that sync with your phone. These devices help you keep track of your luggage’s location in case it gets lost or misplaced during your travels. Grab a set from Clicks for less than R100.

Pack a reusable tote or foldable bag

Bring a reusable tote or foldable bag in your luggage. It can be useful for carrying extra items during your trip or for separating dirty laundry from clean clothes.

Use shoe bags or shower caps for dirty shoes

Place your shoes in shoe bags or shower caps before packing them in your luggage. This prevents the soles of your shoes from touching other items and keeps your clothes clean. Most hotels offer complimentary shower caps in their rooms – make sure you’re grabbing them!

Downsize toiletries to minis

Opt for travel-sized toiletries or use reusable silicone travel bottles to store your go-to products. This reduces weight and saves space in your luggage. Pick up a pack of travel bottles for under R100 from almost anywhere, including Pep, Clicks, Dis-Chem or Westpack.

Create an emergency kit

Don’t get caught helpless when you snag your clothing braving the great outdoors. Pack a small emergency kit containing essentials such as a mini-sewing kit and safety pin for these kinds of emergencies. It’s also useful to include stain remover wipes, pain relievers, and any necessary medications in your emergency kit.

Keep digital copies of your doccies

Before traveling, take pictures or scan your important documents such as passports, IDs, travel insurance, and itinerary. Store them securely in your email or cloud storage. Don’t torture yourself by rummaging through your entire bag at the airport every time you need to present a document.

Weigh your bags ahead of time

To avoid overweight baggage fees, invest in a portable luggage scale. This helps you ensure your luggage meets airline weight restrictions. Or, you know, just toss it on the scale at home before you go.


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